BESUCH (2021)

Five artists meet inside a digital collage, inviting the audience to tour within its narrative connotations. What kind of narratives arise by their common experience of intimacy?  Besuch team explores a diverse range of performative and compositional strategies, approaching dance through concepts of telepathy, idiocy, sensuality, seduction among others especially at a time when proximity is becoming a critical stake due to the pandemic.

A shared digital document of instructions filled with colorful ideograms, a microscopic plan made large-scale, a DIGI-persona, a painting of sensorial stimuli and a contract via post are the jointly common score to which the team commits. They exchange these five materials and promise to pay each other’s proposal a visit by means of a one-minute performance. Finally, they co-edit the 25 variations and thus compose “Besuch”. In turn, they are now inviting audiences to visit both the traces of their encounters as well as their collective artistic imprint.


Besuch Team: Nefeli Asteriou, Venetsiana Kalampaliki, Efthimios Moschopoulos, Dimitris Mytilinaios, Xenia Koghilaki
Website Design: George Psimenos
Web Graphics: Marina Skoutela

Onassis Cultural Centre New Choreographers Festival


Onassis New Choreographers Festival ONC8, March 2021