Nudes and conspiracies is a choreographic and body based field research aiming to investigate diverse notions of nakedness embedded within the site of a garden. How do we as humans understand “conspiring with” a garden? What are the different qualities of nakedness? Can nakedness enhance or enable “conspiring with” a garden? And finally, how can these enrich a choreographic practice? 

We consider a garden a protected space of co-existence and encounter not only between humans, but also between plants, insects, vegetal and mineral agents as well as different kinds of particles like chemicals, dust, or noises. Our aim is to explore it as a site from which situated knowledge can unfold, enabling to observe and learn from various corporealities. In the notion of nakedness we search for the potential to approach “what is behind”. What kind of associations does the notion of nakedness carry? What are the qualities of nakedness and how can we combine the human understanding and experience of it in order to create new conspiracies?

With these as starting points, "Nudes and conspiracies" develops choreographic strategies that explore contradictory dipoles like permeability and resistance, camouflage and exposure as well as the possibility of hijacking concrete architectural and imaginary structures.

A collaborative research project with: Dorota Michalak and Julek Kreutzer
Photo credits: Darja Lukjanenko

#Kinship Residency in Studio ALTA - Prague Czech Republic, and Goethe Institut Berlin

Studio ALTA - Prague Czech Republic, August 2022