Following Bang Bang Bodies, which premiered as part of Tanztage Berlin 2023, and Slamming produced by Onassis Stegi, KOPANIMA is the third part of an ongoing performance series in which Xenia Koghilaki uses dance and choreography to explore the relationship between the subcultural practices of moshing and those of collective discharge in the crowd.

In her new group work Xenia Koghilaki focuses on the forces, physical dynamics and embodied energies between collectively moving bodies. KOPANIMA transforms the movements and gestures from the mosh-pit into a staged echo, raising questions about physicality, vulnerability, and resistance - and at the same time reveals gestures of trust and solidarity. In this performance the concert crowd stands for a place of collective struggle and a ritualized form of social cooperation. The audience is immersed in an ambivalent feeling of togetherness and sensory stimulation.

Concept, choreography, performance: Xenia Koghilaki
Co-creation / Performance: Noumissa Sidibé, Irini Georgiou, Julia Plawgo
Music composition: Ernesto Carcamo Cavazos
Light design: Vito Walter
Dramaturgical support: André Uerba
Choreographic assistant: Nondas Damopoulos
Production management: Marina Agathangelidou

A production by Xenia Koghilaki in co-production with Onassis Stegi and Sophiensæle. Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin

PREMIERE 08 May 2024 , Sophiensaele Berlin